Face Painting

Award-winning face painting:

We can transform your guests into pretty princess, wild animals, scary monsters, beautiful butterflies and more using FDA compliant cosmetic grade professional makeup that washes off easily with soap and water. Our specialty is our highly detailed DELUXE full faces, but we also offer simple designs and fast options for large or corporate events. We are professionally trained artists who can provide quality work no matter which package suits your needs.

SUPER QUICK:  (25-30 designs per hour) limited choices of small cheek and eye designs (1-2 minutes per design). No full faces.

STANDARD:  (15-20 designs per hour) limited full and half faces including basic animals, eye masks, butterflies, kitty cats and small cheek designs. (3-4 minutes per design)

DELUXE:  (10-12 designs per hour) Our specialty. Award-winning highly detailed full face designs including fantasy tigers, super heroes, fairies, princesses, monsters, zombies, cyborgs, and more! (5-6 minutes pr design)

All packages include our super-shiny (cosmetic grade) glitter dust to make our designs sparkle!

**See our GALLERY page for photo examples.

FYI - Things you should know about face painting


While it is true that the activity is called "face painting", professional face paints are really not PAINT at all. That's right! Professional face paint is actually cosmetic-grade theatrical makeup that is specifically created and intended for use on the skin. There are many products readily available to consumers (and professionals alike) that are commonly labeled and misrepresented as "face paint" when in fact these products are not even close to being of good enough quality to be put on someone's skin, let alone a child's delicate skin. Sadly, because it is typically less expensive to use craft paint rather than a high quality face paint MAKEUP, there are artists who continue to use it. Rest assured that Happy Face Painting & Party Art uses FDA compliant, water-activated professional makeup, NOT paint.  We use Ruby Red (vegan), Ben Nye, Mehron, Paradise & Kryloan brand face paint makeup. 

Why should this matter to you as a consumer?

Cheap drugstore "Halloween paints" and "Non-Toxic" poster paints do not conform to U.S. ASTM and FDA standards as cosmetics. They can cause bad allergic reactions, rashes and even scars on the skin. Some of the products labeled as "face paint" will actually state on the package that it should not be used near the eyes or mouth (which would make one question how it can be considered safe).  I have had the unfortunate experience of parents not allowing their child to have their face painted due to a previous bad reaction they had after having their face painted elsewhere (likely caused by someone using acrylic paint or a cheap convenience store "face painting" kit). Professional cosmetic grade face paints do NOT peel, crack, itch or burn. Professional cosmetic grade face paints are safe to use anywhere on the face and body including the eye and mouth area.

Whether or not you choose to hire our company, please be sure to ask any face painter what they are using on your delicate skin!