Glitter Tattoos, Temporary Tattoos & Henna

GLITTER TATTOOS: (up to 15 tattoos per hour) 

Our glitter tattoos are sparkly works of art that are created using skin-safe medical grade acrylic adhesive and ultra fine cosmetic glitters. Our glitter tattoos are  beautiful, waterproof and last 3-5 days. We have over 80 design choices. Kids and adults LOVE them!

HAND PAINTED TEMPORARY TATTOOS: (up to 15 tattoos per hour) 

Our hand painted tattoos are created using skin-safe liquid pigments, transfer stencils and metallic powders. They are our most realistic-looking temporary tattoos and can last 3-5 days.

HENNA / MEHNDI: (10-30 designs per hour depending on complexity of design choices) 

Henna is an ancient form of body art that is created by using a fragrant brown paste made from the henna plant, lemon juice and essential oils. Henna stains are orange soon after application, but will continue to darken over the following three days to a reddish brown. Henna applied to hands and feet will have the darkest and most long-lasting stains. Designs can last up to 14 days with care. Models must be able to sit still for 15-20 minutes in order to allow the paste time to dry.

**Bridal henna and private appointments are also avail‚Äčable for booking.